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Don't get mad. I'm just gonna say this right now, I absolutely love The Walking Dead game and I am enjoying the hell outta season 2. From my previous blogs you've probably been able to tell that I've had my fair share of "OMG SO AWESOME" moments but now's one that hit me recently that is... not... so awesome.

Well first off, kudos to the writer of Episode 3. Episode 3 was great and it was a very exciting and compelling experience with a huge pay off. I was really left with a sense of satisfaction at the end and that's brilliant... But...

I think almost every choice in Episode 3 was great and that the fault was with the series as a whole and not episode 3. In season 1 we were introduced to many different and colourful characters who made us feel like we were interacting with people. After episode 1 every episode had an emotional and human event that would make you rethink your actions. In episode 2, Andy St John was someone sympathetic for a cannibal who was cutting up and eating your friend. And you were faced with a heavy choice, ending the life of a man whom you may hate or try and save him.

Everyone in season one had a motive and layers of character that made them believable as human beings. Even if they played to tropes they still managed to hold their own and this is thanks to a great writing team. In season 2, however, we've been introduced to none of this. There are very few words we can use to describe the cabin survivors and even less used to describe the key antagonist of the first half of the series, Carver. 

There's been little to no time spent in developing these characters outside of key moments in their life. The strongest characters are Kenny and Clementine but that's because we know what they've been through. It shows when a game titled the "Walking Dead" has a man brutally beaten to a pulp in front of you and all you can think is "Fuck yeah". It's not "The Walking Dead" its "Exciting Thriller starring little girl who is better than all the adults". All through episode 3 Carver's action made little to no sense outside of trying to intimidate Clementine. That's it. Scary evil bad guy stuff that doesn't fit in the Walking Dead because the walking dead is about people. Not generic bad guys who you want to die. If this were Season 1's writers Carver probably would've been built up more to the point where, when that ending happens, you might think twice before cheering on the events that play out. Was it bad? Fuck no. Was it emotional, heartfelt and a story about humanity? Fuck no. It was a piece of entertainment that was great and satisfying and I couldn't ask more from a piece of entertainment... But the reason the walking dead game season 1 stuck with me as much as it did is because it transcended mindless entertainment. There was a tear to be shed almost every episode and this time round the only tears that have been shed are for Season 1's characters. Especially Lee...

ALSO! Where are all the jokes? Where's the levity? Where's all the great Dialogue season 1 had? Where are the moral choices? The Walking Dead was never about surviving in my book. It was about the people in the situation, not how they're going to take down massive bad guys. And that pay off for 400 days was horrible. I liked the episode but "Duuuuuude, you better go see Bill" What the hell was that!?

Sorry about that. This was mainly a rant so feel free to ignore it. Again I don't hate Season 2 I just wish they would've stuck more to the roots of the Walking Dead. Anyway, let me know what you think... I'm interested.
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I am a Freelance 3D artist who is currently attending college in Oxford. My hobby is sketching cute characters whenever I'm stressed or bored. Sometimes I'll draw up character designs and model them in 3D.

I haven't really been a part of Deviant Art recently but The Walking Dead Game made me want to start doing fanart again after putting my pencil down for however many years.

Current Residence: Littlemore Oxford

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Steam: Crazyb2000
Skype: Crazyb2000

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